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Need To Declutter?

Maybe you have a house (or apartment) full of junk you don’t need. Possibly even some boxes that you haven’t touched since you packed them – three addresses ago.

You’re tired of all the clutter in your life, and there are days when you just want to scream, “I want it all GONE!”

But it’s difficult to let it go.

Decluttering is a lot of work, and sometimes it’s hard work. I mean, you enjoy some of those things. And that stuff in your back bedroom was your mom’s – she wouldn’t just want you to throw it away, would she? And what if you throw away something you needed and you can’t get it back?

I’m Robert, and I’m here to offer you hope.

See, I’m a former packrat. And at the height of my packrat-ness, I had stuff in my apartment, stuff at a friend’s apartment, stuff in a storage unit, stuff in a friend’s storage unit, and stuff in an office I was renting.

I decluttered the same apartment five separate times, each time getting to “done” and then moving stuff from one of those locations in.

Since then, I’ve been reading and studying quite a bit – and most of the decluttering systems I’ve seen are designed by people that have a somewhat natural bent toward organizing and being organized. This isn’t a bad thing, but it means that the systems are designed for people whose mental processes operate a certain way.

Which means that if a decluttering system isn’t working for you, it’s almost certainly not because you’re a failure – it’s much more likely that you’re trying to apply a system that violates some aspect of your current reality.

Which is where I come in.

Rather than trying to force a ready-made system into your life, I’d like to help you come up with a plan that moves you forward. You don’t have to get to “perfect” overnight – but there’s no reason you can’t start to make some headway tomorrow.

Why You Want To Work With Me

There’s a saying in technology – “garbage in, garbage out.”

The reason we have so much garbage in our lives is because we’ve put a lot of garbage in. As a computer programmer, I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out what “garbage in” causes the undesirable “garbage out.” Your clutter probably isn’t really the problem – it’s a symptom of a process or attitude that’s not serving you well.

And that’s the place where you can improve, and get real results. Real results, I might add, that will give you longer-lasting success with your clutter than just picking up stuff and sorting it into boxes.

I can help you figure out where your processes and attitudes have gone off the rails, and help you get them back on track.

Sound like a plan? Send me an email today! We’ll talk about your situation, and see whether we’re a good fit to work together.